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Calculate your Uber driver’s tip instantly with the Uber Tip Calculator. Enter your ride or delivery cost and desired tip percentage to see the appropriate tip and total cost.

If you’re short on time and can’t use our Uber Driver Tip Calculator, this table is your quick guide. It shows you the optimal tip based on the total cost of your Uber ride or delivery.

Ride/Delivery CostSuggested TipTotal Cost
$10$1 – $2$11 – $12
$20$3 – $4$23 – $24
$30$4 – $6$34 – $36
$40$6 – $8$46 – $48
$50$7 – $10$57 – $60
$60$9 – $12$69 – $72
$75$11 – $15$86 – $90
$100$15 – $20$115 – $120

How Much to Tip Uber Driver?

A general rule of thumb is to tip between 15-20% of the fare. This range works for most scenarios, whether it’s a quick trip down the block or a longer journey across the city.

Some people keep it simple by rounding up to the nearest dollar. If your ride is $27, you could round up and give a $3 tip, making it an even $30. No need for a calculator! 

Quick Trips vs Long Hauls

For short Uber rides, around $1.50 to $2 on a $10 fare is enough to say “thanks” without breaking the bank. On longer rides, such as airport trips that could cost upwards of $40 or $50, consider tipping between $6 to $10. 

Quality of Service

If your Uber driver went the extra mile — maybe they helped with your luggage or navigated through tough traffic like a pro — consider tipping a bit more. On the flip side, if the service was below par, it’s okay to tip less or skip it altogether.

Digital vs Cash Tips

These days, tipping through the Uber app is super convenient, but cash tips are always welcome. The advantage of tipping in cash is that your Uber driver gets it right away, with no waiting required.

Why Should You Tip Uber Drivers?

Fair Pay for Good Work

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data, the median wage for passenger vehicle drivers was around $18.05 per hour in 2023. 

Remember, this doesn’t account for expenses like gas and maintenance, which can eat into profits. So, your tip makes a real difference in a driver’s earnings.

Safety and Comfort

Uber drivers are responsible for more than just driving. They also maintain their vehicles to ensure you have a safe and comfortable journey. A clean car or a smooth, cautious drive deserves recognition, and a tip is a straightforward way to show it.

A Gratitude Gesture

Tipping is a practical way to say thank you. While it may be a small amount for you, it can add up for Uber drivers, contributing to their overall earnings and making their day a bit better.

When It’s OK Not to Tip?

Poor Service

If your ride was far from smooth — say the Uber driver was rude or reckless — you have every right not to tip. It’s a way to indicate that the service did not meet your expectations.

Safety Concerns

If you felt unsafe during the ride for any reason, be it erratic driving or uncomfortable conversations, withholding a tip is a reasonable response. 

In such cases, consider reporting the issue through the Uber app for the safety of future riders.

Incorrect Route

If the Uber driver takes a significantly longer route without a good reason, causing you to be late or increasing your fare, it might warrant skipping the tip.