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Figuring out how much to tip can be a pain. The Tip Calculator does the math for you. Just plug in your bill, choose a tip percentage, and bam — it’ll tell you the tip and total amount owed. In the US, people tip around 15% of the bill before tax at restaurants.

Splitting the bill with a group? Try Shared Bill Calculator. Enter the total bill amount, the number of people in your group, and the tip percentage

If you don’t have time, check out our quick tip amount guide. It gives handy recommendations based on your total bill.

Bill AmountSuggested TipTotal Cost
$20$3 – $4$23 – $24
$40$6 – $8$46 – $48
$60$9 – $12$69 – $72
$80$12 – $16$92 – $96
$100$15 – $20$115 – $120
$120$18 – $24$138 – $144
$150$22 – $30$172 – $180
$200$30 – $40$230 – $240

Why Should You Tip?

Tipped workers in the United States are only legally required to be paid $2.13 per year, with many employers paying the minimum wage. As a result, workers depend on tips for the majority of their income.

While tipping is not mandatory, it is important to recognize good service and supplement the low wages paid by the service industry. By leaving a gratuity, you are helping workers meet their basic needs and support themselves financially.

How Much Should You Tip?

In the US and Canada, a tip between 15% and 20% is generally expected for excellent service. You can tip more for exceptional service and slightly less if it falls short of your expectations. However, it’s recommended not to tip less than 10% unless the service is terrible.

When calculating the appropriate tip, consider the quality of service, the complexity of the task, and your overall satisfaction. For instance, if a food delivery driver brings you a large order in severe weather, consider tipping 20% or more. On the other hand, if the delivery person is rude to you, and the food is not delivered as expected, then tipping 10% or not at all is perfectly acceptable.

Use the table below to understand how much to tip in different industries in North America. Simply find the service you need, update the percentage in the tip calculator, and calculate the gratuity.

ServiceTypical Tip %
Restaurant Waitstaff, Bartenders 15-20%
Food Delivery10-20% depending on the distance, weather conditions, etc.
Coffee Shop Barista$1-$2 for drip coffee and 10-20% for specialty coffees
Food Truck Vendors15-20%
Taxi/Ride Share15-20%
Hotel Bellhop/Porter$1-$5 per bag
Hotel HousekeepingNot expected, $2-$5 per night
Coat Check$1-$2 per coat
Valet Parking$2-$5
Hair Stylist, Barber, Spa, Massage, Nail Service, Tattoo Artist, Pet Groomer, etc.15-20%
Personal Trainer, Yoga InstructorNot expected, 15-20% or a holiday gift
Movers$20-$50 per mover depending on the distance and items being transported
Home Services (e.g., Plumber, Electrician, Cleaner, Handyman)Not expected, 10-15%
Car Wash Attendant$2-$5
Babysitter/NannyNot expected, $2-$5 per hour
Towing ServicesNot expected, $10-$20
Tour Guides10-20% of the cost of a tour

How to Tip Abroad?

When traveling to a foreign country, it’s essential to keep in mind the local customs regarding tipping. Tipping practices vary widely across the world, and what might be considered polite in one place could be considered rude in another. 

For example, in many East Asian countries, such as Japan, giving tips is often seen as impolite and could even be seen as an attempt to bribe. In some places, tips are typically automatically added to the bill based on factors like restaurant policies or the number of diners. 

It’s crucial to be cautious when tipping in foreign countries, as the locals could perceive it as offensive, even with good intentions. However, if you want to show gratitude, it’s best to ask the person directly and explain your intentions. 

When traveling abroad, it can be helpful to refer to a map of local tipping customs as a guide. You can calculate your tip by taking a percentage specific to the country and entering it into a calculator.