Tipping in Bali

When visiting Bali, tipping is not obligatory but highly appreciated. This article will help tourists understand the local tipping etiquette and make informed choices. 

We’ll explain who, when, and how much to tip for different services in Bali, ensuring your experience remains smooth and respectful of local customs.

Tipping Culture in Bali

Tipping in Bali is not mandatory, but it is a kind way to show appreciation for good service. The average wage in Bali is lower than what many tourists are accustomed to, so even a tiny tip can go a long way. (The monthly average wage in Bali is just 2.36 million Indonesian rupiah or $150.)

While locals won’t usually expect a tip, they’ll definitely appreciate the gesture. This way, you will recognize good service and contribute to the Bali economy.

Can I tip in US dollars?

While tipping in the local currency, the Indonesian rupiah, is preferred, tipping in US dollars is generally accepted. 

Foreign currencies may be less convenient for the service worker, as they would have to exchange them later. Therefore, stick to the rupiah whenever possible for a hassle-free experience for everyone.

How Much to Tip in Bali?


For room service and cleaning staff, tipping between IDR 10,000-20,000 (approximately $1-$2) is the norm. 

If the hotel staff has gone the extra mile to make your room comfortable, such as folding your towels into animal shapes or leaving fresh flowers, feel free to tip at the higher end of this range.


Most restaurants in Bali include a 10% service charge in the bill. However, this money often goes to the establishment and not directly to the server. Locals usually tip an extra 5-10% for exceptional service directly to the server to ensure they benefit.


Rounding up the fare is a typical practice when tipping taxi drivers. For example, if your fare comes to IDR 47,000, you might round up to IDR 50,000. 

However, a tip of around IDR 5,000 (roughly $0.50) is a courteous gesture, especially if the driver helps with luggage or provides helpful local insights.

Tour Guides

For tour guides, a tip between IDR 50,000-100,000 (around $4-$8) per day is considered good practice. They often share this tip with the driver and other support staff. 

Villa Staff

If you’re staying in a villa for an extended period, a tip of IDR 100,000-200,000 ($8-$16) at the end of your stay is appreciated. 

Travelers often give this tip directly to the staff who have been most involved in their stay, whether the cook, cleaner, or gardener, to ensure it goes into the right hands.

Massage Therapists

A tip of IDR 20,000-50,000 ($1.50-$4) is generally considered good for massage therapists. 


Tipping in Bali isn’t required, but it is a good way to show thanks. Tipping in the local currency is best, but US dollars are usually okay. A small tip can mean a lot to people working in service jobs. 

Use our free tip calculator to calculate your gratuity quicker and make your trip to Bali even better!