Tipping in Argentina

When traveling to Argentina, tipping is generally appreciated but not obligatory. Aim for 10% in restaurants and round up in taxis; local currency is preferred. 

This article explains the tipping culture in Argentina and how much to tip in each specific situation while on a trip.

Tipping Culture in Argentina

In Argentina, tipping is like an “extra pat on the back” for service well done rather than a mandatory obligation. If you enjoy your experience, tipping is one of the ways to show it.

This is unlike countries like the United States, where not tipping might be viewed as offensive or an indication of poor service. 

Financial Situation and Salaries

Understanding the economic backdrop of Argentina can give you a clearer picture of why tipping might be appreciated. 

The country has seen its share of economic difficulties, resulting in modest salaries for many workers, especially those in the service industry. The average monthly salary in Argentina is just $200. Your tip can be a small but meaningful addition to their income.

Regional Differences

Argentina is a large country with diverse regions, and tipping customs can vary slightly depending on your location. 

For instance, tipping is more common in Buenos Aires, the capital and largest city, than in smaller towns and rural areas. It’s akin to how you might tip differently in New York City compared to a small town in the Midwest.

Can I Tip in US Dollars?

Argentinians generally prefer tips in their local currency — the Argentine Pesos. Imagine if someone handed you Euros in the US; you’d probably prefer dollars to avoid the hassle of converting currency.

Tourist vs Local Areas

However, tipping in US dollars can be more acceptable in tourist-centric areas. 

Think of it like speaking English in a non-English-speaking country; you’re more likely to be understood in tourist zones.

Currency Exchange Rates

If you do decide to tip in dollars, bear in mind the current exchange rate. Currency values fluctuate, and a tip that may seem modest to you might be more generous in Pesos or vice versa. 

How Much to Tip in Argentina?


The 10% rule is a good baseline for restaurants. If you’re dining in a tourist area, you might find that service charges are already included in the bill. Check your receipt, as you would double-check a math problem, to avoid tipping twice.


For hotel porters, tip around 50 to 100 Argentine Pesos per bag. For housekeeping, aim for 100 Pesos daily. Concierges who provide extra help (like securing difficult reservations) can be tipped around 200 to 500 Pesos, depending on the complexity of the task.


Rounding up the fare is generally acceptable in taxis. Let’s say your ride comes out to 270 Pesos. Handing over 300 Pesos and telling the taxi driver to keep the change is a courteous way to tip.

Tour Guides

If you’ve had a memorable experience on a tour, consider tipping 10-15% of the tour cost. 

Cafés and Bars

For cafés and bars, leaving a few coins or rounding up to the nearest whole number is usually enough. If you’ve had extensive service or have been at the establishment for a long time, then 5-10% is a good range.

Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

Tipping is not common in these establishments. However, if someone helps you carry bags to your car, a small tip of 20-30 Pesos is a polite gesture.


Remember, tipping in Argentina is generally a token of appreciation and not a strict obligation. When in doubt, 10% at restaurants and rounding up for taxis are good rules of thumb. 

Local currency is preferred, but US dollars are acceptable, particularly in touristy areas. 

Your tips contribute to individual incomes and the positive atmosphere of your travel experience in Argentina. Armed with this guide, you can explore Argentina like a well-informed traveler.

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