Tipping in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, tipping is optional but appreciated. A typical tip is 5-10% at restaurants and rounding up to the nearest euro for taxis. 

Keep reading to learn more about when, how, and how much to tip during your Amsterdam visit.

Tipping Culture in Amsterdam

Tipping in Amsterdam is like giving a small “thank you” rather than a must-do. Service employees generally earn enough not to rely on tips to pay their bills. A tip is a nice way to show you’re happy with the service.

Can I Tip in US Dollars?

It’s best to tip in Euros, as it saves the person you’re tipping the trouble of exchanging currency. But if you only have US dollars, it’s better than not tipping at all.

When to Tip?

You might leave some coins on the table at cafes or bars. In fancier places, 5-10% gratuity is a way to say “well done” for good service.

How Much Should You Tip in Various Scenarios?


In sit-down restaurants, tipping etiquette is somewhat flexible. The general rule is 5-10% for good service, but here are some more details:

  • Average Dining: For an average meal, rounding up to the nearest euro or leaving some coins is sufficient.
  • Fine Dining: In a high-end establishment, the staff often go above and beyond to ensure a fantastic dining experience. Here, a tip of 10% would be more fitting if you’re truly satisfied.
  • Buffet: In buffet-style restaurants where you serve yourself, tipping is rare. However, if a staff member helps you in some significant way — like clearing multiple plates or offering drink refills — a couple of euros would be considerate.
  • Takeout: For takeout or fast food, tipping is generally not expected.


While rounding up to the nearest euro is common, here are a few more points to consider:

  • Short Trips: For a short distance, rounding up to the nearest euro or adding an extra Euro is fine.
  • Longer Journeys: For a more extended trip, consider tipping 5-10% of the total fare, especially if the taxi driver helps with luggage or provides extra service, like route guidance.
  • Ride-sharing: Services like Uber have a built-in tipping system, and the same general rules apply.


Tipping can vary based on the level of service:

  • Bellhops: A tip of €1-2 per bag is a good rule, especially if your luggage is heavy.
  • Housekeeping: Consider leaving €1-2 per day, preferably daily rather than at the end of your stay, as cleaning staff may change.
  • Concierge: If the concierge provides an exceptional service like securing hard-to-get reservations, a tip of €5-10 would be a gracious gesture.

Tour Guides

Different types of tours might warrant different tips:

  • Walking Tours: For a basic walking tour, €3-5 per person is usually appropriate.
  • Specialized Tours: For tours that provide deeper insight or require specialized knowledge (like historical or food tours), €5-10 can reflect the added value.
  • Boat Tours: These can be pricey, and a tip of around €5-10 per person is usually well-received.

Other Services

Let’s not forget other services you might use:

  • Hairdressers and Barbers: If you’re pleased with the service, a tip of €2-5 is generally appreciated.
  • Spa Services: While not obligatory, a tip of 5-10% can be a very kind gesture if a therapist provides exceptional service.
  • Grocery Stores: Tipping is uncommon in grocery stores, even if a bagger helps you out. However, rounding up to the nearest euro is a polite way to show appreciation.


Tipping in Amsterdam is optional but an excellent way to say thanks for good service. 

Tips of 5-10% in restaurants and rounding up in taxis are common. Use Euros for tipping when you can, but US dollars are better than not tipping. 

Whether dining out, taking a taxi, or going on a tour, a small tip is a polite way to show appreciation.

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