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Use the Tattoo Tip Calculator to find out how much to tip your tattoo artist. Just put in your bill, the tip percentage, and how many people are paying. Click anywhere, and the calculator will show the tip and the total bill.

If you’re in a rush and can’t use our Tattoo Tip Calculator, this table has got you covered. It outlines the appropriate tip amount, depending on the total cost of the tattoo. 

Tattoo CostSuggested Tip Total Cost 
$100$15 – $20$115 – $120
$200$30 – $40$230 – $240
$300$45 – $60$345 – $360
$500$75 – $100$575 – $600
$750$110 – $150$860 – $900
$1,000$150 – $200$1,150 – $1.200
$1,250$180 – $250$1,430 – $1,500
$1,500$225 – $300$1,725 – $1,800
$2,000$300 – $400$2,300 – $2,400

How Much to Tip a Tattoo Artist?

Tipping isn’t just a courtesy when you’re getting inked in the United States; it’s an unspoken expectation. Industry standards suggest a tip of 15-20% of the total tattoo cost. 

But what exactly should influence your decision on how much to tip?

  1. Quality of Service: Exceptional work deserves recognition. If your artist nails every detail and gives you a comfortable experience, tip toward the higher end.
  2. Complexity of the Design: Intricate tattoos demand more time, skill, and focus. A complex piece warrants a heftier tip, reflecting the artist’s effort.
  3. Artist’s Experience: Seasoned pros bring a level of expertise that newcomers can’t match. If your artist is a veteran, it’s worth tipping more.
  4. Your Relationship with the Artist: Repeat customers or those planning future sessions should consider a generous tip as a long-term investment in a good working relationship.

When in doubt, it’s better to round up. It’s a small way to show appreciation for a job well done.

Why Should You Tip a Tattoo Artist?

You might wonder why tipping is expected in some service industries but not in others. When it comes to tattoo artists, here’s why that extra 15-20% holds significant value:

Wage Structure

Many tattoo artists aren’t salaried employees. They often work on a commission basis and may even pay a portion of their earnings to the tattoo shop. Tips serve as an essential supplement to their income.

Skill and Artistry

Getting a tattoo isn’t a one-size-fits-all service; it’s a custom art piece tailored just for you. Tattoo artists combine precision and creativity to give you something unique, and a tip is a way to acknowledge that talent.

Time-Intensive Labor

A tattoo session can last for several hours, during which the artist is focused solely on you and your design. Unlike some other service roles, the artist’s commitment to the project is deep and time-consuming, justifying a tip for their hard work.

Relationship Building

Tipping isn’t just about the here and now; it’s an investment in a future relationship. If you plan on getting more tattoos, a generous tip will ensure you become a priority client.

When It’s OK Not to Tip a Tattoo Artist?

While tipping is the standard way to show your appreciation for your tattoo artist, there are specific circumstances where you might opt for an alternative.

Subpar Work

If the tattoo doesn’t meet your expectations and the artist isn’t open to making adjustments, not leaving a gratuity could be your last resort. Always remember, tattoos are permanent —so if you’re unhappy, try to resolve the issue first.

Unprofessional Behavior

If your artist shows unprofessional behavior — like being tardy or neglecting hygiene —you might decide to skip the tip as immediate feedback.

You’ve Been Overcharged

In the rare instance where the cost structure wasn’t transparent or hidden fees were added, not tipping might seem your only choice.

When Cash is Tight

If you’re genuinely pleased with the tattoo but short on cash, you can express your gratitude in other ways. A glowing review or social media shoutout can be just as valuable for the artist’s reputation and future business.

Remember, not tipping should be the exception, not the rule. If you can’t tip, consider alternative ways to express your satisfaction and build a relationship with the artist.