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Pizza Delivery Tip Calculator easily calculates how much to tip your driver. Enter your bill and desired tip percentage — the tip calculator will do everything else!

If you can’t use our Pizza Tip Calculator, this table is your backup. It shows the appropriate tips for various bill sizes so you can tip without stress.

Pizza BillSuggested TipTotal Cost
$10$1 – $2$11 – $12
$20$2 – $4$22 – $24
$30$3 – $6$33 – $36
$40$4 – $8$44 – $48
$50$5 – $10$55 – $60
$60$6 – $12$66 – $72
$70$7 – $14$77 – $84
$80$8 – $16$88 – $96

How Much to Tip a Pizza Delivery Person?

The standard tipping range for pizza delivery in the United States is between 10-20% of your total bill. Like with other services, the specifics matter.

Type of Service

  • Standard Delivery: If your $30 pizza arrives on time and as expected, a tip of 15%, or $4.50, is normal.
  • Above and Beyond: If your delivery includes extra condiments or the pizza is exceptionally hot and perfect, consider tipping 20%, which would be $6 on a $30 bill.

Weather Conditions

  • Bad Weather: If the driver gets your pizza to you in the rain or snow, it’s courteous to tip a bit extra as a ‘thank you’ for the effort.

Are You a Regular Customer?

  • Consistency Counts: If you order pizza regularly and the drivers know your preferences, a consistent tip fosters a positive relationship. Stick to a standard amount unless the service varies.

Why Should You Tip Pizza Delivery Drivers?

Let’s start with a hard fact: many pizza delivery drivers earn less than minimum wage because tips are expected to make the difference. They rely on your gratuity to bring home a decent paycheck.

  • Personal Vehicle & Gas: More often than not, drivers use their own cars and shell out for gas. Your tip isn’t just a ‘thank you’; it’s a ‘keep the change’ that keeps their wheels turning.
  • Rush Hours and Weekend Nights: Ordering during high-demand times? Your driver is likely juggling multiple deliveries. Your tip is a nod to their hustle to get everyone fed on time.
  • Bad Weather & Stair Climbing: Your tip compensates for the times they have to battle rain or trudge up three flights of stairs to deliver your cheesy delight.
  • Consistency Matters: Like tipping your regular barista, keeping your tip consistent with your regular pizza spot can result in better service over time.

When It’s OK Not to Tip?

Note: These situations are exceptions and not the rule. Most of the time, your driver does their best to provide good service and should be tipped accordingly.

Missing Items or Wrong Order

Sometimes mistakes happen, and that’s okay. But if your order arrives with a missing drink or the wrong toppings, it’s OK to consider reducing the tip or not tipping.

Significant Delays

If your pizza arrives so late that it’s affecting your plans or the food’s quality, that might be a reason to reconsider the tip amount.

Customer Service Issues

If the driver is rude or careless—like tossing your pizza box so it lands cheese-side down—it might warrant holding back on the tip.

Already Included

Some places already add a delivery fee that directly compensates the driver. Double-check your bill to ensure you’re not tipping twice for the same service.