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Use our Nail Salon Tip Calculator to find out how much to tip for your manicure, pedicure, overlays, and extensions. Enter your bill, select the tip percentage, and specify how many people are paying. Calculate your tip amount and total bill in seconds!

If you’re short on time and can’t use the Nail Salon Tip Calculator, this table’s for you. It gives you a quick rundown on ideal tip amounts based on typical nail salon bills — from basic mani-pedis to all-out glam sessions.

BillSuggested TipTotal Cost
$25$3 – $5$28 – $30
$35$5 – $7$40 – $42
$50$7 – $10$57 – $60
$75$11 – $15$86 – $90
$100$15 – $20$115 – $120
$150$22 – $30$172 – $180
$200$30 – $40$230 – $240
$300$45 – $60$345 – $360

How Much to Tip at the Nail Salon?

When you go to a nail salon, tipping isn’t just being nice — it’s the norm. Most people tip around 15-20% of the total bill. But how do you figure out the exact amount?

  1. Great Work Deserves More. Did your nail technician make your nails look amazing? If you are really happy with how things turned out, go for a tip closer to 20%.
  2. It’s Not Just About Painting Nails. Some nail services, such as removing gel and adding extensions, take more effort and skill. If your appointment included these extras, your tip should reflect that.
  3. Time Spent. Did your nail tech take longer to give you perfect nails, or did you change your mind about the color at the last minute? Give a little extra for their added time and care.
  4. Building a Friendship. A good nail tech will remember things like your favorite color or if you have a big event coming up. That personal touch makes the experience better, so why not show your appreciation in the tip?
  5. Multiple Services. If you had a manicure and a pedicure, think about how each part went. Tip a little more for the part of the service you felt was extra special.

When in doubt, lean towards giving a little extra. Tipping is a small but meaningful way to say ‘thank you’ for making you look and feel good.

Why Should You Tip a Nail Tech?

  • Behind the Scenes. Your nail technician doesn’t just show up and start painting. They sanitize tools and arrange their workspace for your safety and satisfaction. A tip acknowledges this unseen but vital labor.
  • Team Spirit. Creating that perfect manicure or pedicure is often a collaborative effort. From the person who softens your cuticles to the one who applies the top coat, your tip is a ‘thank you’ to the whole crew.
  • The Wage Structure. In many salons, nail techs earn a base salary that’s often below minimum wage, relying heavily on tips to make ends meet. Your tip is a crucial part of their earnings and can significantly impact their livelihood.

By tipping, you’re not just being courteous; you are empowering service providers and ensuring that good work doesn’t go unnoticed.

When It’s OK Not to Tip?

You know the saying, “Rules are made to be broken?” Well, it kinda applies here too. There are situations when it’s OK to hold back on the tip. 

Below Par Service

If the service you received was subpar and you are genuinely dissatisfied, holding back the tip is acceptable. Remember, a gratuity is meant to be a reward for good service.

Health and Safety Concerns

Let’s say the salon’s hygiene levels are questionable, or you notice the tools aren’t properly sanitized. In such cases, it’s more than acceptable to withhold a tip. Safety comes first.

Unexpected Additional Charges

If your bill suddenly skyrockets due to hidden or unexpected charges, and the salon isn’t willing to resolve the issue, you might reconsider tipping.