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Use our Hair Salon Tip Calculator to effortlessly calculate how much to tip your hairdresser, stylist, or other salon staff. Simply input your bill, choose the tip percentage, and indicate the number of contributors.

If you’re short on time and can’t use the Salon Tip Calculator, don’t worry — this cheat sheet has you covered. It breaks down recommended tip amounts based on different salon service bills.

Salon BillSuggested TipTotal Cost
$40$6 – $8$46 – $48
$60$9 – $12$69 – $72
$80$12 – $16$92 – $96
$100$15 – $20$115 – $120
$120$18 – $24$138 – $144
$150$22 – $30$172 – $180
$200$30 – $40$230 – $240
$250$37 – $50$287 – $300

How Much to Tip a Hairdresser?

Knowing how much to tip your hairdresser can often be confusing. It’s pretty simple. The industry standard is a tip ranging from 15% to 20% of the total bill.

Examples for Quick Reference:

  • $60 Haircut: A 15% tip is $9; 20% is $12
  • $100 Hair Color: A 15% tip is $15; 20% is $20

Multiple Services

If you opt for a full array of services, the tip percentage doesn’t change; aim to tip 15-20% for each service involved.

Additional Staff Tips

The shampoo assistant and similar support roles usually receive a tip from $2 to $5. 

Why Should You Tip at a Salon?

Wage Structure 

Many salon professionals work on a commission basis or pay booth rental fees. Their income isn’t as stable as those in traditional 9-to-5 roles. Tips often make up a crucial part of their overall earnings.

More Than Just Extra Cash

When you tip your salon staff, you send a clear gratitude message. It’s a form of recognition that goes beyond the extra dollars and cents.

It Helps Your Next Visit

Generous tips can lead to a better, long-term relationship with your stylist. You become a memorable client, making your future visits even better.

When Is It OK to Skip the Tip?

When Service Falls Short

If you received subpar service, tipping becomes a choice, not an obligation. Holding back on the tip is perfectly acceptable to signal that the service didn’t meet your expectations.

Technical Mistakes

If the stylist makes a glaring error — think of a botched cut or the wrong color — you’re not expected to tip. Instead, work with the salon to fix the situation.

Initial Consultation

If you’re just having a consultation without receiving any services, there’s generally no need to tip. The consultation is usually covered as part of your future service.