How much to tip at the Hairsalon

Why do we tip to Hairstylists

Generally, tip is not expected in most of the harisalons but it's our gratefulness to tip them.

Giving tips shows our thankfulness to their service. Consider tipping as a courtesy. If you have a good experience with the hairstylist then it's completely your wish about the tip percentage

How much we should tip to the Hairstylist

It's better to give 10% tip of the total bill amount to the server. To know more about the tip percentages refer this table which shows tip percentages for the corresponding services.

You should also tip the people like hairstylist's assistant to show your satisfaction to their service.

Generally it's better to give nearly $5-$10 in most of the cases

To calculate the tip percentage quickly, use this tool TipCalculator. If you have a smartphone then there are so many tip calculator apps which will be helpful to you for calculating tip amounts and splitting the bill between any number of people