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Tip Calculator is a free, quick and easy tool for gratuity or tip calculation and it also helps to split the total bill amount between any number of people.

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What is Tip or Gratuity

A tip is an extra amount of money given freely to worker's for their service. In countries like the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Romania etc., giving tip is generally in practice whereas it is not as expected as in rest of the world. In the United States, employees are permitted to include the tip in the bill payment as per federal law.

Why should you tip?

If the service was good, it's better to tip something. Because for most of the people in the service industry like Restaurant worker's, Bartenders, Taxi drivers, Delivery guys, Tourist guides it's very hard to maintain their families without tips. Giving tip is a common method of expressing satisfaction and thankfulness to the worker's service.

How much you should tip?

A common tip is nearly 14-15% of the total bill. Depending on the service they have provided, the tip should be given. In few cases, the tip is not expected and in few, it depends on the corresponding factors. Depending on the locations the tip may vary. For example, In some countries like Switzerland, tipping is not expected. In countries like Dubai, the tip will be automatically added to the bill. The below table provides the percentage of tips generally provided for their services.

Tip calculator chart/table

Tip or Gratuity Calculator chart
Services Tip percentage
Restaurant worker's, Bartenders 14%-17%, depends on the amount of bill.
Tourist Guides $2-$5 depends on their service and length of the tour.
Taxi and Lorry Drivers 10%-20% depends on the distance.
Haircut, Manicure, and Tatoo not expected, included in the bill payment. If not, 10%-15%
Home services like carpenter, plumber etc., Not expected
Delivery Services 10%-15% depends on the distance and price.
Hotel Services Not expected as already included in price, if not $10-$15

How the Tip or Gratuity Calculator work?

Tip calculator works by taking the inputs bill amount, tip percentage and number of people to split the tip and the bill. Tip value will be identified by calculating the tip's percentage of the bill amount. Then depending on the number of people, it will be split between them.

For example, if Bill amount is 200$, tip percentage is 15%, number of people is 2 then

Tip = 200*(15/100)=30$

Total : 200+30 = 230$

Tip per person = 30/2 = 15

Total per person = 230/2 = 115

In this way the tip will be calculated and bill will be split between any number of people fastly and easily by using Tip Calculator

Use this tip chart to identify the tip amount quickly.

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